San Mateo Biotechnology Career Pathway

Use the following example as a model
in writing your Internship Description/Offer.

Sally Behart, Genemedix, Inc

Job description:
This is a hands-on internship in which the student will learn basic biochemical techniques used to study proteins. The student will work both on an independent project and with other team members, and will have an opportunity to do many of the following:
  • Learn how antibodies are used as reagents an new biochemical devices
  • Prepare buffers used for antibody purification
  • Use pressure chromatography to purify a antibodies
  • UV or colorimetric assays to determine protein or DNA concentration
  • Analytical assays such as SDS PAGE and western blots

Careful record-keeping (lab notebook) will be required. Working knowledge of algebra (solving for x, working with ratios) is essential. Days and times are flexible, but prefer a schedule of 4-hour blocks.

About the supervisor:
Sally Behart went to Northridge State College (BA Chemistry) and UC Santa Cruz (PhD Biochemistry). She has 6+ years of experience in the biotech industry, mainly working with therapeutic proteins (like antibodies) doing purification and analytical characterization.

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